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Born in Denver

A colleague from a big digital marketing agency in Denver once told us to never take on a client from a personal connection like friends or family. He said that the way this industry works, especially with SEO, is that it’s very much smoke and mirrors and more often than not a client won’t be happy with the services they receive. Taking on a client from someone that you actually know personally has too much potential to end poorly. He said the name of the game is to get clients on year long contracts, do the bare minimum to make it seem like you’re working on their account, while focusing on getting more clients.

The Brandsmen was born out of loathing for our colleague’s advice. We’ve worked in the big agency game in Denver and we know that many businesses function in this manner and we couldn’t stand it. Our entire business model is to be the antithesis of that. The foundation of our Denver marketing agency has been to be the type of company that would do work for our best friend’s business and be proud of it (we’ve actually done that too!).The Brandsmen Digital Services

What We Are All About

The Brandsmen are an alliance of creative minds who came together with the purpose of helping craft businesses grow. As modern society has shifted to spending large periods of time using technology, we have acquired the abilities to help companies brand themselves and grow their reach using the Internet. In everything we do, we believe in honoring a code of conduct which can be defined by 5 adjectives:

  • Honest
  • Gregarious
  • Purposeful
  • Authentic
  • Skillful

We take pride in the work we do and believe that the foundation of doing business comes from building long-term relationships.

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