How to Promote Alcohol brands to Reach the Right Audience

Alcohol SEO


Alcohol SEO

The Use of Alcohol Branding for Marketing

Alcohol SEO is the route to take for the current times. Starting an alcoholic beverage company can be an exciting endeavor. After all, who doesn’t love a little booze? Designing your own label can be one of the most thrilling steps to take when launching a new alcohol brand. Forward-thinking will demand that you begin brainstorming ways to help get it in front of your potential customers. You need to be prepared and learn how to promote alcohol brands.

In today’s world, nothing really beats the online freeway and mass hysteria stemming from social media and beautifully designed websites. Digital marketing and, more specifically, alcohol SEO guides can help accelerate growth for your new alcohol product.

Learning how to start an alcoholic beverage company is a huge undertaking that requires tremendous effort and a ton of passion. In this article, we won’t go over the nitty-gritty details of getting your brand started. We have plenty of resources to learn about that if you care to browse through The Brandsmen’s online journal. Instead, we want to share a little about the importance of recognizing where digital media fits into every marketing campaign.

The Brandsmen can provide support and strategic guidance to help raise your website ranks if you’re searching for Alcohol SEO. We can help you in understanding how to promote alcohol brands and developing a plan. Contact us directly for a consultation.

Digital Liquor Marketing & Mass Hysteria For Alcohol

If we’re speaking of trends in liquor marketing, there really isn’t a better match than alcohol and the internet. Most people spend large chunks of time online, and many of them with a beer or hard seltzer in hand. It is important to know how to promote liquor marketing online. 

Certainly, the internet offers a safe space for users to explore new products. Alcohol beverage companies can use the internet to determine the ideal formula for advertising. With the power of the internet they can get in front of the right people at the right time.

According to IWSR research, the value of alcohol ecommerce climbed by 42 percent in 2020 across 10 core regions. Strategic Insights Manager, Guy Wolfe, states, “As brand owners increasingly invest in the channel, markets must be assessed on their own merits with a bespoke strategy development.”

Can we toast to the online industry? The U.S. online alcohol market alone is expected to exceed $40 billion by 2021. Consumers want up-and-coming alcohol brands and indie-type booze. They want the brands that scream local, small-batch, and offer a personal touch unmatched by national suppliers.

How Does Digital Marketing Change Alcohol Sales?

Consumers are resonating with brands who create online content that help bring products to life. Most digital marketing, including alcohol SEO, aims to introduce customers to an alcoholic beverage before they make a purchase decision.

Digital marketing is a critical financial resource to bring new items to a wider audience, particularly in the alcohol industry. One of the fundamental principles of digital marketing is the growth of interactive engagement. Consumers subconsciously process the messaging and connect that to their own associations to create more personally relevant connections.

For alcohol branding, this means incorporating digital marketing to achieve brand recognition. Whether you run a liquor store, or came up with one of the world’s best micro brews, you should use SEO.


How to Promote Alcohol brands to Reach the Right Audience

What Is Alcohol SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) describes the process of optimizing a website to appear in search results pages. The process involves optimizing existing or new content on a brand or company’s website to help achieve rankings.

A study conducted by Forbes showed that 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine. Alcohol SEO makes all the difference when it comes to gaining publicity, especially when launching a new alcoholic beverage product. Here’s some mind-blowing SEO statistics from various resources around the web:

  • Search engines drive 300% more traffic to sites that social media
  • Ranking high in organic results as 70% to 80% of users will completely ignore paid advertisements
  • 66% of distinct search queries result in one or more clicks
  • SEO leads have 14.6% close rate, compared to only 1.7% for outbound segments like print ads
  • 88% of people perform some type of online research before making a purchase online or in-store

The point is that alcohol SEO can be a highly powerful and useful tool to gain more traffic and sales. Specifically, alcohol SEO is the process of creating content on an alcohol website to help answer questions. Not only that but also to provide guidance, or give information to searches looking for newer alcohol beverages online. Appearing higher in Google search can help with:

  • Increasing visibility
  • Garnering new traffic to a website
  • Increasing likelihood of searches reading your content, making a purchase, booking a tour or getting in touch
  • Decrease likelihood of potential customers opting for alternative brands or competitors

Alcohol Branding Services

How to Promote Alcohol Brands Using SEO?

SEO is all about showing to Google that your website is the best alternative to offer to the person searching.

To appear at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs), a website must outperform all the other options Google crawls. To decide this, Google monitors and takes into account hundreds and hundreds of factors about your website, including factors like:

  • Page load times
  • Site functionality
  • How long people spend on a site
  • Quality of content found
  • Errors and technical components on a website
  • Site organization and flow
  • User experience
  • Content updates and consistency
  • Keyword optimization and targets

By neglecting site optimization and overlooking the importance of alcohol SEO you create issues. These errors are being made by most alcohol beverage businesses.

There may be potential customers who don’t find your website. On the other hand, potential customers may find your competitors’ websites instead. As a result, more sales may go through your retailers (e.g. Amazon) rather than direct through your website where the margin is highest, among other issues.

Capitalizing On Alcohol SEO: The Brandsmen Increase Visibility

Switch Vodka is a newcomer in the spirits’ industry. They distinguish themselves from other vodka brands with its pronunciation of a low-calorie, low-carb option. The Brandsmen worked to identify alcohol SEO components to help Switch Vodka excel in this niche. We took a phased approach that included:

  • Researching marketing trends
  • Keyword mapping
  • Website evaluation
  • Content creation
  • Ongoing management

During our first phase, our alcohol SEO & alcohol branding and marketing agency provided an in-depth examination of market trends and demands for alternative vodka beverages. In addition, we took a look at potential customer subsets to answer questions such as:

  • What do they care about
  • What lifestyles do they lead
  • How can we cater content to resolve issues for these potential pools based on these data points

How to rank for Alcohol SEO

How To Do Keyword Lists for Alcohol Branding

There are many great resources online that dive deep into the process of creating a keyword list. The initial research helped our SEO alcohol experts to formulate a plan, and focus on targeting the best keyword phrases. Keyword targets are a high priority. It is important that keywords help to convert traffic into buyers of your new beer, seltzer, spirit, or wine. Therefore, these are some things to consider when making keyword lists:

  • Categorize keywords to create cohesive variants
  • Target geographic locations if applicable
  • Consider FAQs from potential audience pools to answer
  • Create a comprehensive content plan that focuses on like-keywords

Google can’t simply guess or assume that your website is a good website to show to the person searching. It’s critical to show Google that your alcohol brand and website is a good fit for related queries. Google looks at the words you use across your website. For Switch Vodka, we focused on keyword terms like “Light Vodka” and “Hangover Free Vodka.”

The results helped us to drive top positions for core keywords. Most importantly, we got more leads and brand recognition to Switch Vodka’s existing site. The Brandsmen achieved this through optimizing site components, addressing technical website management, and creating quality content.

You can find our post here on how to bring an alcohol brand to market using SEO and other marketing tools.

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