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Will Digital Marketing Replace Traditional Marketing?

When companies consider marketing strategies, they may find that their available channels fall into two main types – traditional marketing and digital marketing.  Below, we’ll explore traditional vs digital marketing, what types of advertising fall under traditional marketing, and answer the question of whether we think digital marketing will replace traditional marketing. What is Digital […]


Colorado Brand Agency of the Year 2019 Winners

We are proud to announce that for CV Magazine’s 2019 Marketing PR & Design Awards, The Brandsmen have been awarded Brand Agency of the Year in 2019 for Colorado. We’re proud that our philosophy of customer service has been recognized and helping us to stand out from our competition in Colorado for our services which include; SEO, website […]

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Marketing Ideas for Leasing Apartments

Whether you have a brand new apartment building or simply trying to hit a target occupancy for your existing property, the right marketing strategy is crucial in getting new tenants. Nowadays, simply putting up a ‘For Rent’ sign is not even close to enough and more traditional marketing tactics have been replaced with digital efforts. […]

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Web Design for Wineries

These days, it’s no longer optional for a winery to have a good website. Instead, it’s nearly a requirement! This is because wine drinkers are turning to online and social media resources to discover new wines. Rather than sticking to tried-and-true lounge menus, lengthy reviews and traditional ways of discovering vino, younger generations are searching […]


Why Does SEO Take So Long?

Technology has altered our brains to want everything right now. With smart phones at our finger tips we have the ability to learn anything we want in an instant and communicate with someone across the earth in a split second. While the conveniences of our modern world have improved our levels of productivity ten-fold, they’ve also […]


Which Generation Drinks the Most Wine?

Have you ever wondered which generation drinks the most wine? In the last few years, surveys done by the Wine Market Council have noted a huge uptick of wine consumption in one generation in particular. Which generation? The answer may surprise you. The Wine Market Council Survey Results The Wine Market Council (WMC) surveys a […]

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Beer Branding Strategy

How Do You Decide What Beer to Drink? Think back to the last time you purchased a six-pack from your local liquor store. When you were browsing the fridges scanning all the different options to choose from, what was the defining factor in making your decision? The Brandsmen have been in this position many times […]

What is Online Brand Management?

A brand is much more than just a name and a logo. A brand represents reputation and emotion. When people hear the name of a beloved brand, they get warm and fuzzy feelings inside, while a brand embroiled in controversy can bring up feelings of hate and disgust. If you want to create a positive […]

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Wine Social Media Strategy

Social media has dramatically reshaped the way that people browse the web, connect with one another, and shop for products. It has taken the connectivity promised by the early internet and brought it into every facet of people’s lives. It’s so ever-present that if your brand doesn’t have a social media presence, then it might […]

How Does Social Media Support Content Marketing

When you’re trying to promote your brand online it can be difficult to decide how to allocate resources. It’s easy to spend a lot of time wondering whether you should invest in content creation or social media marketing. The problem with this sort of thinking is that true success doesn’t come from choosing just one […]