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Digital Marketing Agency Trends

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Digital Marketing Agency Trends

In order to compete online, it’s important that businesses learn to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing. Hiring the best digital marketing agency isn’t always straightforward and there are many elements to consider when seeking digital marketing services. Every agency has its own unique approach in executing lead-generation campaigns, brand development, and results-based digital strategy, so it’s imperative that clients are aware of their business needs.

Technology moves fast and as new trends emerge, old ones regress and even become obsolete. Choosing a digital marketing agency will likely always depend on their ability to keep up and even stay ahead of emerging technologies. So what are some of those trends to note? Below we’re giving a rundown of digital marketing agency trends for 2020 and what to look for before hiring a consultant or agency for your business.

digital marketing trends 2020

The Importance of Digital Marketing

Social media advertising is a growing force. In America, it is estimated that revenue from digital marketing will reach $38 billion by the end of 2020. Today, search engines and sites like Google and Facebook generate more revenue than all other forms of advertising.

Digital marketing has taken over in such areas as brand recognition and website traffic. If your company is not using digital marketing, it is already being left behind its competition. It is time to get your Twitter and Facebook advertising strategies on point.

Future Trends in Digital Marketing

As 2020 dawns, we are merely tipping the edge of digital marketing. Soon devices like fridges, ovens, and billboards will be set up to leverage digital media.

If you are looking at getting involved in digital marketing, you should look at getting a presence in search engines, social media, blogs, online ads, affiliate marketing, emails, and mobile phone apps.

Digital Marketing Trends of 2020

Digital marketing agencies know that digital marketing channels are the best marketing return on investment. Consequently, agencies and businesses are searching for the most effective digital marketing strategies.

Marketers and digital marketing agencies are actively seeking new avenues as well as better methods of analyzing marketing data. They need greater forecasting accuracy and relevance vehicle.

Marketers want better data sources. They need more accurate and more detailed insights. With this data collection and analysis, they can help their brands and agencies strengthen the effectiveness of their digital marketing tools.

Clients are Seeking Businesses with a Conscience

Buyers want brands that have integrity in their business dealings. They are looking for companies that demonstrate positive community involvement. They want the enterprises with whom they do business to show affiliation for national nonprofit organizations and tie advertising to that core messages. A good example is Walmart’s call to action for consumers to support Fight Hunger labels on food items. The proceeds go to support local food banks.

Hashtags and Emojis are becoming more Effective

Digital advertising has become rife with hashtags and emojis. They have become a staple of social ads. Research has shown that emojis garner at least 25 % more audience engagement on Twitter and nearly 60% on Facebook.

digital marketing agency trends

Voice Search is Rising in Popularity

Also called voice-enabled, voice search lets the user use a voice command to search the Internet, a business’ website, or with an app.

Researchers estimate that in 2020, over half of the Internet searches will be voice-based. To date, over 60% of smartphone users have used voice searches at least once this year. As a result, one of the best strategies for business growth in 2020 will be content adaptation and producing information on a website that answers FAQs or frequent searches. Assessing long-tail terms and complete phrases can help businesses gauge the best way to produce and optimize content.

The Brandsmen provides expert SEO and search engine marketing strategy that will help your business gear up for better results in voice search based relevancy.

Live Videos Increase Traffic

Many brands are using live videos or streaming successfully.  Here are some examples:

  • Experian chats about credit, debt, and student loans. The company shows viewers how to manage and improve their credit with the hashtag #creditchat. Automobile manufacturers have also gotten into the streaming game.
  • Nissan streamed its launch of its 2016 Maxima. General Motors was the first automaker to live stream on Facebook at the introduction n of the Volt EV.
  • Frito Lay launched the Doritos Roulette using live video.

Artificial Intelligence Identifies Leads

Digital marketing agency trends continue to serve up A.I. as one of the best technologies for businesses in 2020. In today’s marketing, potential clients must be engaged on a deeper level that gives them a meaningful message. Artificial intelligence lets businesses personalize their consumers’ experience.

Nothing happens on a hunch in today’s marketing. The era of selling on a hunch is over. Today, companies have to have data-driven decisions. Using artificial intelligence businesses can identify high-fit leads. These are prospective clients most likely to convert. This go-to-market strategy makes effective consumer links occur.

Artificial intelligence marketing is used in the food and beverage industries as well as in the life science and healthcare sectors.

Using AI, food services can predict the best delivery times of their products.

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Smart Chat is on the Rise

Otherwise known as Chat Box, Smart Chat has been growing in recent years. This secure messaging platform brings your company’s communication together. It allows your business to send messages, make voice and video calls, transfer files, share screens, set custom alerts and integrate your other software. This eliminates time wasted on switching between apps. Thus, Smart Chat or Chat Box makes your company more efficient and reduces costs.

Apps like Smart Chat or Chat Box give customers answers and increases traffic to your website.

Chat Box also increases customer satisfaction and improves your comparison with your competition. If your customers are happy, they are unlikely to go to the competition.

Engagement-Based Email Marketing is Increasing

Email marketing engagement measures how your subscribed contacts interact with the company’s email campaigns. This activity is compared to the length of time these contacts have been your audience. This is classified on an engagement scale. There are many ways to keep client engagement high. These include:

  • providing engaging material that is helpful to your clients,
  • increasing the frequency of your emails,
  • building trust with your customers,
  • testing and improving your messages,
  • providing short, meaningful messages
  • building a client-company relationship
  • offering clients immediate value
  • not self-promoting
  • creating high-quality content that is interesting and engaging

emerging technology in digital marketing

Augmented Virtual Reality has become a Vital Tool

Augmented Virtual Reality is another among digital marketing agency trends being looked to. AVR allows brands to provide their customers with unique experiences. All they need to do is tap into their mobile devices. This tool can drive sales and enhance the brand value.

Through Augmented Virtual Reality, businesses can put their brand image closer to the customer. Users are given an immersion experience. Through Augmented Virtual Reality they can connect with a brand in a whole new way. It is estimated that sales of virtual reality headsets will top eighty-two million in America in 2020.

Micro-Moments are on the Increase

A micro-moment occurs when users turn on instinct to a device like a tablet or a smartphone to find out something. These moments include discovering, watching, listening, and buying.

Micro-moments are high in purpose. During those intent-rich times, preferences are shaped, decisions are made, and/or purchases take place.

Rich Lead Profiling

A lead is a contact with a potential client or prospect. Profiling is the automated processing of personal data. This personal data are used to evaluate the likelihood of a lead becoming a conversion or a client. To be effective companies need a high conversion rate.

Through rich lead profiling enterprises can collect complex and highly accurate data on millions of leads. They can use this information to personalize their contacts.

Before Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing agency trends continue to shift and adapt to technology. It’s important to know what to ask when hiring a digital expert or consultant in 2020. Stay ahead of online searches and gear up to serve content based on human data and search queries. The Brandmen can help strategically define your business goals and provide a better path to achieving growth. Schedule a consultation call with us and we’d be happy to review these emerging trends and how they can be applied to your new year business goals.