Our Pets

The only thing we love more than putting together marketing and branding campaigns are pets. Okay, we actually love animals more but don’t tell our clients that. Rather than a page highlighting the roles and responsibilities of our staff, we prefer to give you a bit more information about our beloved furry friends.


Director of Tennis Balls

Found in a dumpster outside of a hospital in Mexico City, Lia is a feisty mutt of a whole lot of different breeds. She has a bonafide addiction to tennis balls and she can jump high enough to get to a top bunk from the ground. From the snowy mountains of Colorado to the beautiful beaches of Mexico, she’s a keen international traveler with ambitions to visit every continent.


Toy Durability Analyst

No one knows the insides of a toy better than Zoe. She’ll go out of her way to ensure that every toy is made of only the highest quality stuffing or plastic. She loves to chime in during Zoom business meetings. During her free time, Zoe enjoys long W-A-L-Ks, people-watching from the back porch, and always has to have the windows down while riding in the car. Zoe loves hard and plays hard. She has enough energy to support the entire state of Texas when a cold front knocks out their grid.


Branch Manager

Akela is the definition of a mixed breed rescue who ranges from chow to shih tzu. She was found wandering outside alone as a wee little pup. She continues to spend most of her time in the great outdoors of Evergreen managing low hanging branches, chewing sticks, watching animals and digging the occasional hole. While she is very independent, her favorite times include long walks in the mountains, dolphining through snow and wrestling for days with her best friends.


Barketing Specialist

This Chihuahua, Italian Greyhound, and Jack Russel mix is a little ball of fire. She has no regrets on her recent move from the Southern California sunshine to the fresh mountain air of Colorado… except for snow. She hates cold snow. Much of her day is spent proving that her bark is worse than her bite at anyone that dares walk by her house. The rest is spent sleeping in the sun, burrowed underneath a blanket, or curled up in the lap of an approved human.


Purrfesional Social Media Manager

Penny may look like a normal cat from Colorado, but her spirit animal is a lion. She spends her time playing with lights and lasers, exploring outside and hunting bugs, or getting treats for all her hard work.