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These days, it’s no longer optional for a winery to have a good website. Instead, it’s nearly a requirement! This is because wine drinkers are turning to online and social media resources to discover new wines. Rather than sticking to tried-and-true lounge menus, lengthy reviews and traditional ways of discovering vino, younger generations are searching and sampling themselves.

From a marketplace full of wine subscription boxes and wine-of-the-month clubs to independent blogs, featured imports in the grocery store, and an interest in small, independent wineries, millennials are searching outside of the box for their next red, white or sparkling wines. This is important for wineries to note, because if their product is sampled – and liked- it’s incredibly important that they have a strong web presence to be easily located and close future sales!

Web Design for Wineries

A Winery’s Website Reflects the Brand

There’s absolutely no shortage of choice when it comes to wine. When competition is this fierce in an industry, that’s when brands matter and a successful wine branding strategy is extremely important to differentiate from the competition. The process in which people discover new wines has changed drastically with the rise of technology and no longer is simply having good quality enough to sell wine. From the branding on the bottle, to the story of the vineyard, to the winery’s website, to the wine social media channels, there are many ways in which potential buyers interact with a wine brand and make purchase decisions.

Someone might see your bottle on the shelf of their local store, or hear about it from a sommelier at a restaurant, or get a recommendation from a friend, or simply see something pop up in their Instagram. There are countless ways for a person to first discover your wine, but the ultimate place they will end up to get more information is your website. Web design for wineries needs to reflect the same quality you have inside the bottle. If someone is considering trying your wine and visits the website first to get some more information, this is a great opportunity to convey the wine brand and quality to influence a purchase decision. No more than ever before, wine drinkers care about their wine having a professional website.

Vineyard Web Design

How Do People Discover New Wines Online?

As mentioned technology has forever influenced the way in which we research and make purchase decisions. This is not limited to wine, nearly every industry has been turned upside down with the steep rise of the internet. Let’s take a look at some popular methods with which people discover new wine online, which help demonstrate how important it is for wineries to have professional web design.


Pinterest is a top way that both beginner vino fanatics and experienced connoisseurs look for new wine inspiration. There are millions of users on Pinterest, exploring their various passions! In other words, a whole market is on Pinterest, waiting to be exposed to your products! The top pin search categories under “wine” on Pinterest are:

  • Wine Guide
  • Wine Humor
  • Wine Bottle

Well-placed pins, informative graphics and wine quotes published on Pinterest can drive traffic to your website. That’s why it’s doubly important to have a well-designed website!

Vineyard Website Development

Wine Blogs

Wine blogs and websites are rising in popularity among consumers trying to find new wine recommendations or reviews on their favorites. Sites like Wine Folly aim to educate visitors about different aspects of the wine production industry and even review new trends like subscription boxes.

Furthermore, consumers often look to user reviews and ratings on sites like Wine Spectator to decide on their next bottle of vino. Therefore, consumers searching for your bottle should be able to land on a nicely designed page to convince them of your quality.

However, the most effective method to expose your brand of vino to new and searching consumers is to create effective content that entices and educates. In your very own blog, you can publish relevant content that answers questions about wine, educate on tasting notes and pairing and more. Making your brand a resource for all things wine with useful content will drive sales organically. This means extra time and care should be spent on web design for your winery.

Winery Website Design


Instagram is emerging as an engaging new way that consumers are finding and buying wine, too! A simple search of the hashtag #wine draws up enticing pictures of elegant wine bottles, recipes, and glasses of vino. Instagram is an easy, organic way for users to find peer recommendations for bottles of wine from wineries that may be off the beaten path.

As a winery with a presence on social media, you’ll want to position yourself to generate informative, helpful content and be easily taggable in user posts. Think of it this way. A visitor to your winery samples a glass of wine snaps a selfie and uploads it to Instagram. Other searchers see it, click through the tag and are brought to your IG page. You can then guide them to your website by means of the link in your IG profile bio. Tada! Easy sales capture just by showcasing your winery in a positive light both on social media and in the details of your website.

Wine Websites

Professional Web Design for Wineries

If you’re looking to revamp your wineries web presence to capitalize on online sales, we cannot recommend strongly enough that you hire a professional developer or work with a wine branding agency.

The reason for this is that while using a free basic WordPress theme or GoDaddy’s site builder is user-friendly and fairly cheap, oftentimes that low price translates to your clients. Using a generic template with basic features may not impress or inspire visitors to your site the same way that a custom-built website specially designed to appear well on mobile and desktop. Users inherently expect a certain quality and originality to each website they visit, and it’s harder to impress with more basic features.

If you need help with your winery’s web site please don’t hesitate to contact us todayWe specialize in helping vineyards grow using the Internet and build beautiful, clean websites to help sell more bottles.