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A website is often the first thing a consumer investigates before making a purchase decision. Whether you want a brand new website created or a digital facelift for your current site, at our Denver website design agency we can design and develop something beautiful for you.


Conduct thorough research and gather info about the target audience, goals, and competitors for the foundation of the website.


Create a detailed plan outlining the website structure, navigation, and content organization to visualize the site layout.


Focus on the creative aspect, designing the website's visual elements such as color schemes, typography, and imagery.


Build the website's functionality, integrate necessary features, and ensure compatibility across different devices and browsers.


Rigorous testing to ensure the website is fully functional, user-friendly, and bug-free, addressing any issues or glitches.

WordPress Websites

We love WordPress and are of the philosophy that it’s the best Content Management System to build a website for your business.

  • SEO Friendly
  • UI & UX Design
  • Optimized for Speed

Mobile Friendly Design

Not only do we design our website to be mobile-friendly, but we make sure that the mobile experience is at the forefront of any new design.

  • Responsive Layout
  • Easy Navigation
  • Read and Scanability

Conversion Oriented

Our modus operandi is not to just build websites that look nice. A website is the cornerstone of the digital presence of a business and needs to convert business.

  • Clear Calls to Action
  • KPI Development
  • Streamlined User Journey

Website Design Portfolio

EXCELLENT Based on 45+ reviews.

Our clients consistently express their complete satisfaction with our services. The strong rapport we have built with our clients is a testament to the unwavering commitment we have toward delivering great results and exceeding their expectations.

The Brandsmen
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Ajay FryAjay Fry
19:44 13 Mar 24
Though we found ourselves in a bit of a tricky situation, the Brandsmen handled it like pros and made good on their word. I'm looking forward to working with them again in the future.
Mike FawcettMike Fawcett
22:14 21 Feb 24
The team at Brandsmen have been great to work with for our alcohol marketing and branding. They helped us establish a brand identity, packaging and website so far and we look forward to continuing our work with them for ongoing campaigns
Linds GLinds G
18:12 30 Aug 23
My experience working with The Brandsmen has been great. They are personable, professional, and dedicated - truly experts! We've been working with them for about a year and half and we've seen strong results with our website performance. I highly recommend them!
Steve HomolkaSteve Homolka
12:59 24 Aug 23
The Brandsmen is the best! We've been working with them for a few years now and I highly recommend their services. They are professional, timely, responsive and perform quality work. From websites to SEO and everything in between- they're awesome! We have been using their SEO services for a couple years now and have seen great results from their efforts. In a way- I almost want to keep them a secret but if you do decide to use their services- you will not be disappointed.
Trevor MarshallTrevor Marshall
22:52 03 Feb 23
As the Owner and Managing Member of a construction/home services business in Denver, CO I’ve been very happy working with Alex, Adam and Ben on my account. Pricing has been very fair and they have been a great partner in helping to grow my business. Strongly recommend their services!
Zeeshan RazaZeeshan Raza
16:25 11 May 22
Their team has helped us on several projects with ecommerce SEO and have always done an amazing job. We have benefited from their streamlined process and a professional team that always comes through. Highly recommended.
Denver Auto ShieldDenver Auto Shield
16:07 13 Apr 22
The Brandsmen team has been fantastic to work with. They handle several of our businesses, and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a connected team to handle digital advertising.
Darren NaransDarren Narans
21:47 16 Feb 22
These guys are great to work with! They are very respectful, honest and hard working. Not only that, but their knowledge of marketing helped us learn a lot. Highly recommend them.
Lou PLou P
18:01 14 Dec 21
We hired the Brandsmen to assist with alcohol marketing for our distillery over 2 years ago. They have been professional, efficient and exceeded all expectations since! The Brandsmen bring great energy, concepts and strategy to each and every project! Highly recommended for all marketing needs.
Steve SarinSteve Sarin
21:24 03 Dec 21
We've worked with The Bandsmen for about two years and have seen web traffic increase exponentially. It's been a pleasure to work with Alex, Adam, and Sonya. Highly recommend!
Heidi RetherfordHeidi Retherford
19:53 18 Oct 21
I had a former employee of Brandsmen who was trying to slander their business give me a 1-star review because I didn't want to take his phone call. In response, I gave Brandsmen a 1-star review for their vindictive behavior. Fortunately, the actual company contacted me to clarify what had happened and clear up the situation. They were very professional and understanding and we both realized we were the victims of internet fraud.
Ryon WhyteRyon Whyte
15:27 26 Aug 21
Our business has been adapting to online marketing for a while now but we have not been able to find anything that worked. Brandsmen have really great people that made it happen. It turns out aspects of our website was a part of our failure and bandsmen took care of that. I would say without a doubt that this is probably the best marketing agency in Denver. Great marketers and great website developers!
Drew DemgenDrew Demgen
16:02 07 May 21
Alex, Adam, Ben, and the rest of the team at the Brandsmen have been a tremendous help to our needs in he world of Creative, Advertising, and Marketing! We launched a new line of products called Switch Vodka Light. The Brandsmen have helped us with Alcohol Branding and a redesign of our labels. The creation efforts for branding, labels, and advertisements have been excellent and we definitely recommend their services.
Katie LeachKatie Leach
02:31 29 Apr 21
The Brandsmen are so down to earth and personable. It’s like working with a friend.
Mikela SchwinnMikela Schwinn
08:24 28 Apr 21
Very professional and great to work with. We would definitely use them again in the future.
Sonya MGSonya MG
19:21 02 Oct 20
The Brandsmen get results. Period. Not only do they deliver tried and true digital marketing strategy, but they're friendly, professional, and transparent in everything they deliver. They have a team of savvy digital marketers with knowledge in so many different fields, but they also listen to us (clients) in finding our brand and leveling it up. Their website build process is painless and the end product couldn't be of higher quality!I am so impressed with their attention to detail and their organization. I definitely recommend this Denver marketing agency. Proof is in our numbers.
Patrick HatcherPatrick Hatcher
16:53 17 Aug 20
Alex and the Brandsmen helped and consulted me on numerous marketing projects for my business. SEO was an important topic for us and they helped us achieve all of our goals. Alex was constantly in contact with me and remained available when I had any questions.
Zachary AndrewsZachary Andrews
15:30 15 Aug 20
The Brandsmen are as smart and savvy as any marketers I've worked with. They have experience and talent, and network of creatives that helped me get outside the box, while still working within my branding and the values of my business. I was burned before by a marketing company that just keyword stuffed my website and let an AI build their ad campaign. Fool me once, and I learn from it. The Brandsmen are hands-on craftsmen, and those are the type of people I'll work with again and again.
Eric ScheidEric Scheid
22:04 14 Aug 20
I needed to increase my website traffic flow and bring in new customers to my website. The Brandsmen were very responsive and even helped me better develop my website and modify it to help grow my website even more. There attention to detail is unlike anyone else. I will continue to use there services!
Alex HoskinsonAlex Hoskinson
17:28 04 Jul 18
A few years of experience has shown me that The Brandsmen really know what they’re doing when it comes to content marketing and SEO. They explain the process in a simple and straightforward way, their quality work is always done on time, and they have the measurable results to prove their success. Best of all, their prices are a good value, and their honesty has proven time and again that they’re trustworthy.I can’t recommend them enough if you want to give your business a boost!

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Below are some common questions we often receive regarding our website design and development services. You’ll find answers to inquiries that can help you understand the benefits, processes, and end product of working with our creative team.

The timeline for designing and developing a website depends on various factors such as the complexity of the project, the number of pages, the availability of content, client feedback, and revisions. In general, it can range from a month to several months.

Yes, we build all of our websites on a WordPress content management system (CMS) that allows our clients to update and manage their website content easily. The beauty of WordPress is it allows a business user to make updates on the backend while presenting a beautiful interface.

Responsive web design is an approach that ensures websites adapt and display properly on different devices and screen sizes. This is very important because it provides a seamless user experience when accessed via desktop, tablet, or a mobile device.

Yes, we strive to optimize website loading speed by following best practices, optimizing image sizes, minimizing code and file sizes, leveraging caching techniques, and using content delivery networks (CDNs) where necessary.

Professional website design is crucial for businesses as it helps establish a strong online presence, enhances brand credibility, improves user experience, and creates effective communication with the target audience.


1) Aesthetics + Function

The Brandsmen believe these are the two most important elements to modern website design. The digital world is a highly visual one and the importance of good design is more crucial now than ever before. A website that embodies a brand image while resonating with the target audience is a hugely important objective while creating a website, but there’s more to it than that. All too often websites over focus on the creative side which can often leave the user experience and actual function out to dry. Modern websites must be looked at through both a artistic and business lense to ensure they represent the brand and are setup to convert business.

2) Reasonable Pricing

The cost of websites these days ranges so astronomically it’s not uncommon to receive quotes that are tens of thousands of dollars apart for the exact same website for two different firms. The Brandsmen aren’t the type of agency to simply ask for your website budget and tell you that’s how much it costs. We carefully analyze each project and provide reasonable website quotes with an explanation of the cost and hours involved.

3) Purpose Driven Design

We don’t believe in building fluff into a website. Our objective is for every page on the website, no matter how complex or simple to serve some sort of function. If it doesn’t then it should be there at all! Whether that’s an SEO keyword target to serve as a landing page in search engines or an explanation for a potential customer, our aim is to trim the fat out of websites so that visitors can quickly and easily get the information they need.

Process of Building a Website for a Client

1) Research

Our website design strategy begins with a careful analysis of four things:

  • Examples of the style and art direction that our client likes
  • Analysis of lead competitors in the industry who are doing things right
  • Research of target market to gain insight into design trends they resonate with
  • Observations of current brand and product offerings

2) Style Guide

Once we’ve hashed out an idea of both what we think our client will like and what we believe will connect well with our target audience we craft a style guide which outlines the the design style we intend to use to craft the website. This includes elements such as color codes, font types, and featured sections

3) Mockup Creation

After our style guide has been delivered to the client and tweaked for their approval we move into the mockup stage. From here we create a mockup of the homepage in Photoshop and deliver to the client for edits.

4) Homepage Development

When our homepage mockup has been approved by the client we build it out onto a staging URL so the client can get a feel for what the website will look like in a live environment. From here we make any other changes required.

5) Sidepage Development

After our homepage has been approved we move onto the meat of the website where we develop the layout/theme of the sidepages and begin adding all the content into these pages.

6) Website Review & Pre-Launch Evaluation

Once all the content has been added to the website we invite the client to review everything one last time. Once we’re happy with the way everything has been set up, we make sure we’ve got all our ducks in a row for a clean launch. We want to understand how your emails are setup so there’s no problems there, where the domain lives, and where this is going to be hosted. We also set up redirects from all your old pages to make sure there’s no SEO juice lost in the transfer of the new website and no broken pages. We always prefer our clients host websites with us, but this it not a requirement.

7) Website Launch

After a thorough pre-launch eval and website walk-through we will launch the website and immediately test everything once more to make sure everything is functioning properly.

Post Launch Website Marketing Services

To be honest we believe that the creation of a new website is just the first step of a relationship with a new client. No matter how spot on the aesthetics and function of a website, without a marketing strategy to obtain traffic and get people to check it out, a website serves very little function. Our objective during the website design process is to make our clients so happy with our team they choose to continue the relationship with our Denver marketing agency in the form of digital marketing services such as:

To learn more about The Brandsmen Website Process or to get a quote for your project, contact a Brandsmen today.

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