Coffee Shops for Working Brussels

Best Cafes to Work in Brussels

Brussels, the vibrant capital city of Europe, offers a plethora of coffee shops for remote workers seeking inspiration. Among the cream of the crop are JAT Cafe, a cozy haven with excellent internet; Cafe Maison du Peuple, combining style with a lively atmosphere; Belga & CO, a hidden gem with an African theme; Ultimate Atome, a massive Art Deco restaurant perfect for outdoor work; and OR Espresso Bar, serving strong coffee in two convenient locations. Embrace the digital nomad lifestyle in Brussels!
CSS Hover Image Tips
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10 Simple CSS Hover Effects

Looking to enhance your images with CSS? Check out these snippets for cool effects. From grayscale to color, fade-ins to transformations, we've got you covered. Just copy and paste the CSS code and add the corresponding div class to your image. Don't forget to tweak the variables to customize the timing and intensity. For more CSS tips and web design services, keep following our journal or reach out to us!
Google Maps iframe Disable Scroll with CSS

Google Maps iframe Disable Scroll with CSS

Are you struggling with embedding a Google Map iframe on your website and encountering scrolling issues? Don't worry, we have a simple solution using CSS and HTML to disable map scrolling until clicked upon. If WordPress is removing the "onClick" element, we've provided a workaround using jQuery. Learn how to implement it and resolve multiple map issues in our comprehensive guide.
Interview with Pygmy Elephant

An Interview with Pygmy Elephant

One of the objectives of our journal is to interview interesting people who embody the digital nomad lifestyle, combining technology with travel to live abroad and run a business. We met Andrew at Betacowork, a coworking space located in Brussels,…
Funkwerks Deceit Beer Review

Brandsmen Beer Review: Funkwerks Deceit

Brewery: Funkwerks Location: Fort Collins, CO Style: Belgian-Style Golden Ale ABV: 8.5% Recommended Glassware: Tulip Awards: GABF 2012 Gold Winner Style: Belgian-Style Pale St. Ale World Beer Cup 2014 Silver Winner …
Brewing Beer and Beards

Are Beards a Requirement for Brewing Beer?

As I was sitting in a taproom in Denver, Colorado, enjoying the last drop of sour beer from my delicate snifter, the friendly bartender passed by to proposition me for another. As he began to explain the intricacies of the extensive variety…