Google Ads Success

Whether we like it or not Google have become an absolutely enormous part of everyday life. From medical advice to research for making a purchase decision, Google is the first thing most people consult when looking for information. For this reason it’s become an essential tool for companies across nearly every industry to convey information about their product or service to potential consumers. The only guaranteed way to not only get your information on Google, but to get it seen by those who are most interested in it is through Google Ads.

Choosing a Google Ads Management Team

It’s no lie that there are an insurmountable number of options to choose from when it comes to Google Ads management. From independent freelancers to massive digital marketings agencies, it’s a very competitive business. For many businesses the process of vetting and understanding who to choose when it comes to Google Ad Management can be a daunting task that can make anyone’s head spin. If you’re hiring someone else to do search engine advertising for you then it makes sense that you don’t understand all the details of how the program works. For this reason it’s very tough to decide what metrics to use to make your choice. We’ve decided to breakdown some of the things that businesses looking to employ Google advertisers should look at. These are the best ways to measure the success of a Google Adwords campaign.

Google Ads Manager

What Does Success Look Like for an Effective Campaign?

Any Google Ad Manager who is capable and confident with what they do should be more than willing to provide data from clients they’ve worked with. The question is, what should a business looking to hire a digital agency be looking for when analyzing data.

Real Data from Previous Ad Campaigns

All too often in our industry digital marketing firms claim they have experience and produce good results. The good thing about Google Ads is that literally every aspect of a campaign is recorded. Rather than listening to sales pitches, ask firms for real examples of data. Screenshots from Google Ads and Google Analytics that prove they’ve been able to create success for clients. Below are some of the most important real data to look at if you’re wondering how to measure the success of a Google Adwords campaign.

1) Website Visitor Behavior

All too often digital advertising agencies use traffic as their benchmark statistic for success. They produced X number of clicks using their ads and that should be good enough. The problem with that idea is that 100 clicks to your website from people not interested in your product are less important than 1 click from someone who is. There are a number of user metrics that you can analyze to make sure that traffic is actually qualified and interested in your product.

2) Pages Per Session

How many pages did a user visit when they entered your website? If they left after visiting just one, odds are they aren’t interested in your product or service. Users who explore more of the website show more intent to learn more about what you do.

Measuring Success for Google Ads

3) Bounce Rate

The percentage of people who ended up on your page and quickly left. This is a major indicator with how well your ads actually support and connect with your content. A high bounce rate means that regardless of how much traffic is being produced users are leaving too quickly to actually show interest in your product or service.

4) Cost Per Click (CPC)

Digital partners should always have their client’s budgets top of mind and getting clicks to their websites for as cheap as possible is always important. Do some research on the industry average CPC for your business and compare that with the data shown by your potential digital marketing partner. While CPC should never be the be all end all measure of success, because sometimes you get what you pay for, it’s crucial that digital marketers are always trying to improve campaigns to keep the CPC as low as possible for a client.

5) Goal Conversions

Any good Google Ad Manager will have a conversation with their client before a campaign is activated and create goals. These could be everything from online purchases to phone calls to visiting a strategic page on the website that shows they are very interested in the offering. Look for these to be setup and for the Google Ads to be actually producing conversions for different goals.

Google Ads The Brandsmen

Why Choose The Brandsmen For Google Ads?

The Brandsmen have many years of experience running Google Ad campaigns of all different shapes and sizes. From apartment lease ups to selling global adventure tours, our work with long-term clients has given us the wisdom to not only build, but effectively manage and improve campaigns to perform better over time.

We just gave you a road map of exactly how to judge our performance and are always more than happy to provide examples of real client data. We’re a boutique digital marketing and branding agency who does all their Google Ads in-house with the long-term in mind.

Are you interested in utilizing Google Ads for your business? Contact a Brandsmen today for more information.