trends in digital marketing
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Digital Marketing Agency Trends

In order to compete online, it’s important that businesses learn to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing. Hiring the best digital marketing agency isn’t always straightforward and there are many elements to consider…
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Questions to Ask a Digital Marketing Agency

Have you been thinking about engaging the services of a digital marketing agency? Maybe you’ve been handling your online marketing in-house, but it’s starting to take too much of your time. Or, maybe you’re wondering about the results…
Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing

Will Digital Marketing Replace Traditional Marketing?

When companies consider marketing strategies, they may find that their available channels fall into two main types - traditional marketing and digital marketing.  Below, we’ll explore traditional vs digital marketing, what types of advertising…
Apartment Marketing Ideas
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Marketing Ideas for Leasing Apartments

Whether you have a brand new apartment building or simply trying to hit a target occupancy for your existing property, the right marketing strategy is crucial in getting new tenants. Nowadays, simply putting up a 'For Rent' sign is not even…

Why Does SEO Take So Long?

Technology has altered our brains to want everything right now. With smart phones at our finger tips we have the ability to learn anything we want in an instant and communicate with someone across the earth in a split second. While the conveniences…
Social Media To Build Brand Authority

How To Use Social Media To Build Brand Authority

The term “Brand Authority” is a term created by marketing professionals. You will often hear it in connection with building a Brand Authority Site. This simply means you have a knowledge and/or product above others in your field. Whether…
Hostel Marketing
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Hostel Marketing

These days most backpackers are equipped with a laptop, smartphone and/or tablet during their adventures. In addition to word of mouth and popular hostel search engines like HostelWorld, one of the most common ways that travelers find a hostel…
Real Estate Keywords for Search Engine Optimization
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Real Estate Keywords for Search Engine Optimization

The first and arguably one of the most important steps in any search engine optimization plan is to define what keywords and related phrases you want to target. No matter how much solid SEO work is done, if you've chosen the wrong targets then…
Dont Cut Marketing Budgets

Marketing Budgets

Marketing Budgets: Why They’re the First Cost Cut, and Why They Should Be the Last When successful businesses hit a wall and growth becomes stagnant, they might think about slowing their online marketing efforts as they regroup. Does this…
CSS Hover Image Tips
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10 Simple CSS Hover Effects

Below I have provided a series of CSS elements that you can copy and paste into your CSS style sheet to achieve different effects on images. Please note that some CSS coding may not be translated by specific browsers and versions. In order…